We are committed to customer satisfaction, our highly skilled specialists utilize cutting-edge technology and techniques to yield remarkable finishes and long term protection for each vehicle.

Mobile Detailing

We use a spot-free, deionized water filtration system that enables us to wash your vehicle with professional results. For a gentle thorough wash, we use specially formulated products to ensure a proper finish every time. Extend the life of the vehicle you love and protect its value at the same time. We bring what you need to keep your vehicle clean, disinfected, and looking like new for as long as you own it.

Interior Car Detailing

GIO Mobile detailing offers a wide range of interior detailing services suited for your car care needs. Our carpet shampooing machine and steam cleaner allows us to remove deeply embedded stains safely and effectively all while sanitizing your interior surfaces. Additionally, we offer pet hair removal, leather care, and more.

  • Vacuum interior including trunk, vents, and gauges.

  • Thoroughly steam clean and shampoo carpets, seats, and floor mats. Note: Some stains may not be removable.

  • Steam clean all interior surfaces and then treat with a water-based (non-greasy) UV protectant/conditioner.

  • Detail/clean dash, vents, and gauges.

  • Treat door seals and gaskets with a UV protectant.

  • Clean interior glass surfaces to a streak-free shine.

Exterior Car Detailing

We understand you want your paint to shine like the day you got it. That is why we offer clay bar services, swirl removal, scratch removal, waxing, and foam washing for your investment. With top level care of the exterior of your vehicle you can expect your car's paint to glisten for years to come.

  • Hand wash using only pH neutral soaps and proper wash media.

  • Thoroughly clean door jambs. Includes the trunk, hood and gas doors.

  • Clean and dress wheel wells.

  • Carefully clean wheels using special tools and chemicals specifically designed for the safe removal of brake dust, dirt, and grime from even the most delicate of wheel finishes.

  • Clean and dress tires to your taste in gloss.

  • Remove all road tar and tree sap.

  • Decontaminate all painted surfaces and glass to remove bonded surface contaminants.

  • Perform a one-step machine polish to remove most swirls, water spots, and light scratches.

  • Apply a long lasting and durable synthetic sealant.

Ceramic Coating

If your car has dirt, grime, or stains, you may have tried going to a car wash to get it cleaned, only to find that they came back the next day. Washing it did nothing. You need something that will keep your car clean day in and day out with little maintenance.

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer solution applied to the exterior of your vehicle to protect it from external paint damage. The chemical bonds with the paint on your car and provides an additional layer of protection. It minimizes dirt, grime, and stains from appearing on your vehicle’s paint and ruining the clear coat. In addition, this treatment can save you from paying costly damage repairs later down the road.

Auto Paint Protection

With our professionally chosen lineup of products that we use, we can guarantee that your car will be protected from the harshest of driving conditions.

So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our mobile detailing services and get your project started!

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